Country Georgia
City Tbilisi (Capital of the country)
Course M.D (Doctor of Medicine - Equivalent to Indian MBBS)
Speciality General Medicine
Duration 6 years
Language of Study English
Tuition fee US$ 6,500 / year (US$ 39,000 for the entire course)This fees is applicable for students of OM Consultants only. Direct applicants to the university will pay USD 7,000 / Year. So, choose our services to save USD 3000 during 6 years (Per year USD 500 will be saved)
Cost of living 200 - 250 US$ / month or Rs. 12,000 - 15,000 / month.
Visa fee 120 US$ / year or Rs. 6000 / year.
Flight charges 25,000 for one way journey from Chennai / Delhi / Mumbai. Rs. 40,000 for two way Return journey from Chennai / Delhi / Mumbai
FAST FACTS ABOUT OUR UNIVERSITY Click Here To View More University Photos
Founded in 1918. Celebrating 98 years of existence.
Only Government Medical University in Georgia.
Affiliated with one of the Largest Hospital in Europe.
One of the Largest Medical University in Eastern Europe.
Produced more than 50, 000 Doctors
Famous Medical University in European continent.
Founder of East - Europe Association of Medical Education (EEAME)
Recognized/Accredited by the following Ministries,
European Union Commission for Education
Georgian Ministry of Education and Science
Georgian Ministry of Health
Listed by the following International Organizations,
World health Organization (WHO)
United Nations Organization (UNO)
Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
Member of the following International Organizations
International Association of Universities (IAU)
European Universities Association (EUA)
European Association of International Education (EAIE)
World Federation of Medical Education (WFME)
Association of Medical Education of Europe (AMEE)
East - Europe Association of Medical Education (EEAME)
European Medical Student's Association (EMSA)
This university has a tie-up with more than 50 medical universities across Europe, U.S and all over the world, through this tie-up the university is sending meritorious students, for a study tour to one of the university under tie-up.
The T.S.M.U. has Reserved 200 seats in the M.D. course for our Company, for which the admission is guaranteed, so rush to become one of the privileged 200. THIS UNIVERSITY HAS SUPERIOR COACHING FACILITY FOR "USMLE" [United States Medical Licensing Examination]. PASSING THIS EXAM WILL ALLOW A CANDIDATE TO WORK & STUDY IN UNITED STATES
OM HOSTEL Click Here for OM Hostel website
OM HOSTEL Click Here for OM Hostel website
OM Hostel is a sister concern of OM Consultants. For the past 15 years, OM Consultants has been one of the leading service provider from India that has sent several thousands of Indian and Asian Students to European Universities. OM Consultants is the Asian Admission Office for Tbilisi State Medical University, and so far has sent around 2,000 Students to this university, which is a WORLD RECORD, as no other foreign medical university hosted so many indian students We are proud to say that we are the largest Foreign Company in Georgia that brings the most number of Indian and Asian students to Georgia, thereby bringing Georgia closer to other Asian countries. Due to the large number of Indian Students that was brought by OM Consultants to Georgia, we decided to have our base for Indian style Accommodation and Food Services for our students, and that decision lead to the creation of OM HOSTEL. OM HOSTEL is a Firm that is providing Food and Accommodation Services for the Indian and Asian Students living in Tbilisi. OM HOSTEL is registered as a company, both in India and in Georgia. OM Hostel is situated at Tbilisi, Georgia (Eastern Europe), and started its services from October 2007. OM HOSTEL is the only INDIAN establishment in Tbilisi that is taking care of Food and Accommodation requirements of Indian and Asian Students. OM HOSTEL is owned and managed by the Indians and also employs local Georgians for ease in businesses. OM HOSTEL, as the students say, is a HOME AWAY FROM HOME.
Name Georgia
Location Eastern Europe
Capital Tbilisi [Population 15,00,000]
Language Georgian
Religion Christianity
Currency Lari
Population 4.5 Millions [45 Lakhs]
Tbilisi was founded in the middle of the 5th century by the king Vakhtang Gorgasali. Tbilisi was named for its springs - the Georgian word for 'warm" is tbili. Tbilisi has survived over 40 invasions by the Persians, Arabs, Mongols, Seljuk and Ottoman Turks, and tribesfrom the North Caucasus, but has always been able to rise again.In 1801 Georgia was occupied by Russia and Tbilisi becamethe administrative center of the Georgian Province, and later the headquarters of the Commander in Chief of Russian forces in the Caucasus. Since 1875 it was the residence of the governor general of the Caucasus.
During the early nineteenth century Tbilisi gradually transformed from a medieval feudal town into a European bourgeoisie city. In the second half of the 19th century the Georgian theater resumed its activities, and a Russian theater and Italian opera house came into being. In addition, a public library, a museum and botanical garden and observatory were founded. The city's population kept growing, leading towards the establishment of new districts. In 1918 Tbilisi became the capital of independent Georgia, but in 1921 the new Republic was crushed by the red army. After 70 years, in 1991, Georgia regained its independence and the ancient city of Tbilisi is the capital of present day Georgia.
Tbilisi State Medical University was established in 1918. First started as a Medical Institute and later changed as a Medical Faculty of Tbilisi State University in 1930. At 1992 this University became the only Medical University for the entire Georgia and got the name - TBILISI STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY - This means the only Government medical university for Georgia. TSMU is the Largest and most advanced Medical University in Eastern European region.
TSMU is included in the ECTS [European Union Credit Transfer System]. Through this system a student can change his/her university to any university across European Union at any point of time, provided that university must be a part of the ECTS.
TSMU is the full and competent member of international organizations like,
International Association of Universities (IAU)
European Universities Association (EUA), former CRE
European Association of International Education (EAIE)
World Federation of Medical Education (WFME)
Association of Medical Education of Europe (AMEE)
East-Europe Association of Medical Education (EEAME)
European Medical Students' Association (EMSA)
TSMU Degree is recognized/accredited by
  o European Union Ministry of Education
  o Georgian Ministry of Education
  o Georgian Ministry of Health
  o Various Medical Councils across the globe, like the MCI, GMC, SLMC, PMDC, etc (Subject to passing of licensing exams)
1080 staff, with 720 professors and 142 Doctors of Science

5,000 students for Under Graduate studies of which 750 are from India, Srilanka and other Asian countries

TSMU has a Dormitory with 250 places, printing establishment, Sports complex, 2 Foot ball fields, 2 Sports halls, open and closed co urts, etc.
Central Hospital with 22 Departments and 430 beds
Hospital N1 with 8 Departments and 140 beds
Pediatric Hospital with 26 Departments and 615 beds
Dental Hospital with 7 Departments and 40 dental units
Pediatric dental Hospital with 7 Departments and 19 dental units
For more Information, contact us through
Indian Office
1. E-mail:
2. Post/Direct Visit : Zenofer Tower, 2nd Floor, No. 119/1 Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Jafferkhanpet, Chennai, INDIA - 600083 (Nearest Landmark: Opposite to Kasi Theater Bridge)
3. Phone: 0091 - 44 - 2474 2100. Fax: 0091 - 44 - 2474 2101
4. Mobiles: 0091 - 94452 16541, 94452 16540, 984042 0062