Study MBBS in Hungary

MBBS in Hungary

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Ready to kickstart your medical career with a degree of MBBS in Hungary? Hungary awaits with its exceptional education and rich culture. With OM Consultants, turn your dream of studying abroad into reality. Explore Hungary’s beauty and world-class universities while unlocking the opportunities with us by achieving your dream to study in Hungary. Start your journey today!

About the Country – Hungary

Experience the grandeur of medical education in Hungary, where picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage enhance your MBBS journey. Amidst historic streets adorned with Baroque architecture, immerse yourself in a vibrant student life with peers from diverse backgrounds. Hungary’s universities boast renowned education standards and cutting-edge facilities, offering early hands-on clinical training under distinguished professors.

Despite its excellence, studying medicine in Hungary remains affordable, making your dream of becoming a doctor attainable without financial burden. Plus, Hungary’s central location in Europe offers convenient exploration opportunities during school breaks, adding to the allure of this exceptional study destination.

MBBS in Hungary

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Hungary

Discover the University of Debrecen Faculty of General Medicine Hungary

Begin an adventure of exploration and academic distinction at the Faculty of General Medicine, University of Debrecen, Hungary. Built upon a foundation of innovation and a dedication to revolutionizing healthcare, this esteemed institution provides an unmatched setting for future medical practitioners. Immerse yourself in a premier educational experience, vibrant student culture, and a nurturing community devoted to fostering your growth.

MBBS in Hungary
MBBS in Hungary

Why Choose the University of Debrecen for MBBS in Hungary?

The University of Debrecen’s Faculty of General Medicine in Hungary stands out as a premier institution offering a diverse range of degree programs taught entirely in English. Catering to the global student community, the university provides a comprehensive selection of academic pathways, including Medical School, Foundation Programs, Undergraduate Programs, Graduate Programs, and PhD/Doctoral Programs. This extensive offering ensures that students from various educational backgrounds and career aspirations find suitable opportunities for their academic and professional growth.

With a robust student body of approximately 30,000 individuals, the University of Debrecen holds a prominent position among higher education institutions in Central Europe. This sizable and diverse community fosters an enriching learning environment characterized by collaboration, innovation, and cultural exchange.

Students of MBBS in Hungary benefit not only from the university’s esteemed faculty and world-class facilities but also from the opportunity to engage with peers from different countries and backgrounds. Such interactions broaden perspectives, stimulate intellectual discourse, and cultivate a global outlook, preparing students to excel in an interconnected world.

Course Details to Study in Hungary

Eligibility for Admission

To study MBBS in Hungary and get admission to the University of Debrecen Faculty of General Medicine in Hungary requires English language proficiency, assessed through a compulsory entrance examination, and completion of secondary education. Foreign students who are aspiring to study in Hungary are welcomed, promoting diversity and global collaboration within the academic community.

We Streamlines the Process for Your Academic Success

OM Consultants serves as your trusted guide, simplifying the pathway to studying in Hungary. With our expertise and dedication, we streamline the entire process, making it easier for you to embark on your educational journey abroad. From assisting with university selection to navigating admission requirements and visa procedures, we provide comprehensive support every step of the way.

Our team ensures that you have access to all necessary information and resources, empowering you to make informed decisions about your academic future and plans to study MBBS in Hungary. With OM Consultants by your side, studying in Hungary becomes a seamless and rewarding experience, allowing you to focus on your studies and personal growth.

MBBS in Hungary
MBBS in Hungary

Required Documents

To apply to any of the universities of Malta, prospective students must provide the following documents

Services Offered by OM Consultants

At OM Consultants, we are committed to guiding you through every step of your journey of MBBS in Hungary. Our comprehensive services include

OM Consultants Medical Licensing Exams Course (OM.C.M.L.E.)

After completing the 6-year medical program, you will earn a Medical Degree. This marks your entry into the esteemed realm of Medical Graduates. To practice as a doctor after studying MBBS in Hungary, you must pass a licensing exam in your chosen country. In the USA, it’s the USMLE. and for the UK, it’s the PLAB. In India, it’s the Screening Test – FMGE.

Introducing OM Consultants Medical Licensing Exam – OM.C.M.L.E., a distinctive course designed to accompany you from the very first year of your medical education (for an additional payment). Led by esteemed professors from India, our online classes are scheduled in the evenings and on weekends for approximately 15 days each semester.

Through this course, students are meticulously trained to excel in their chosen licensing exam (UK/INDIA/UAE) by the end of their medical studies. OM.C.M.L.E. not only ensures that our students who studied MBBS in Hungary become medical graduates but also licensed doctors, eligible to practice in their preferred country of choice.

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MBBS in Hungary

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