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Embark on a transformative journey towards a successful medical career with OM Consultants, your trusted partner in pursuing an MBBS in Italy. Discover the rich educational opportunities and benefits awaiting you in one of Europe’s most esteemed medical destinations – Study in Italy!

About the Country – Italy

Italy, a founding member of the EU, NATO, and Schengen, resides as a cornerstone of Western Europe. Its capital, Rome, stands as a testament to millennia of rich history and cultural significance. Italian, the nation’s primary language, adds a layer of authenticity to your experience, while the pervasive influence of Christianity imbues the country with a deep spiritual heritage.

In economic matters, the Euro serves as the currency of choice, offering stability and ease of transactions. Italy’s allure lies not only in its iconic landmarks but also in its warm hospitality and culinary delights, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its timeless charm.

MBBS in Italy

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Italy

Discover University of Camillus

Experience the pinnacle of medical education at the University of Camillus, a distinguished institution dedicated to academic excellence and innovation. With a commitment to providing students with the latest advancements in medical technology and education, the University of Camillus offers several courses like MBBS in Italy.

MBBS in Italy
MBBS in Italy

Why Choose Camillus University for MBBS in Italy?

St. Camillus International Medical University, founded in 2017, is the newest medical university in Western Europe. It is recognized across all EU countries and stands out as the most modern university for MBBS in Italy, equipped with advanced technology in all departments, laboratories, and simulation centers. With affiliations to prominent international organizations like WHO, ECFMG-USA, and GMC-UK, the university ensures global recognition. Notably, Indian graduates can attain full registration in the MCI/NMC after passing the screening test, with unlimited attempts.

As a member of various international organizations, including IAU, EUA, and EMSA, St. Camillus fosters global connections. The university collaborates with over 80 medical universities worldwide, offering study tours for students pursuing MBBS in Italy. Included in the European Union Credit Transfer System (ECTS), St. Camillus enables seamless credit transfers across European universities. This institution represents a commitment to excellence, innovation, and global medical education.

Course Details to study in Italy

Eligibility for Admission

Indian Nationals
To qualify admissions for MBBS in Italy, Indian candidates must have passed the 12th standard or its equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects. For those aspiring to work in India post-graduation, a successful completion of the NEET exam is also required.

Other Nationalities
Candidates from other nationalities need to have passed A level or equivalent exams with subjects including Chemistry and Biology.

Entrance Exam Eligibility

Students completing their school education before June can apply for entrance exams for MBBS in Italy from February to June. To do so, they need to obtain a bonafide certificate or predicted grades from their school, facilitating the application process for the entrance exams to study in Italy.

We Simplifying the Path to Study in Italy

OM Consultants prides itself on offering comprehensive support throughout every step of the academic journey. From initial inquiries to successful enrollment, we stand by our students, ensuring they receive the guidance and assistance they need to navigate the complex process of studying abroad.

Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to assist with entrance exam preparations, providing invaluable insights and resources to help students excel. Once students pass the entrance exams, we take care of the remaining enrollment procedures, ensuring a smooth transition into their chosen academic program. Additionally, we offer support in the Italian study visa process, simplifying the bureaucratic hurdles and ensuring a hassle-free experience for students who want to study MBBS in Italy.

MBBS in Italy
MBBS in Italy

Required Documents

To apply to the University of Camillus, prospective students must provide the following documents

Services Offered by OM Consultants

At OM Consultants, we are committed to guiding you through every step of your journey of studying MBBS in Italy. Our comprehensive services include

OM Consultants Medical Licensing Exams Course (OM.C.M.L.E.)

OM Consultants offers a Upon completion of the 6-year medical program, you will earn a Medical Degree, marking your transition into the esteemed realm of Medical Graduate. However, to practice as a doctor, you must pass a licensing exam in your chosen country. For instance, aspiring doctors in the USA must pass the USMLE, while those in the UK need to clear the PLAB, and in India, it’s the Screening Test – FMGE.

Introducing OM Consultants Medical Licensing Exam – OM.C.M.L.E., a distinctive course designed to accompany you from the very first year of your medical education (for an additional payment). Led by esteemed professors from India, our online classes are scheduled in the evenings and on weekends for approximately 15 days each semester.

MBBS in Italy

Through this course, students who are pursuing MBBS in Italy are meticulously trained to excel in their chosen licensing exam (UK/INDIA/UAE) by the end of their medical studies. OM.C.M.L.E. not only ensures that our students become medical graduates but also licensed doctors, eligible to practice in their preferred country of choice.

It’s important to note that there’s no requirement for a licensing exam in European Union countries for medical graduates from St. Camillus International Medical University.

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